Ever since I was a little boy growing up in Mount Gilead, it has been impressed upon me that in order to be a good citizen you must be willing to give back to your community, as much as you receive from it. I have been blessed, as a lifelong and fifth generation Morrow County resident, to have benefitted from a supportive and tight knit community. Since coming home from law school, both Laura and I have sought to be as involved as possible within our community through the local theater and non-profit groups too numerous to list here.

When I was approached by members of the community, county leaders, and members of law enforcement to run in the upcoming primary, I prayerfully considered my qualifications. I believe that my vast experiences, as an Intern in the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Guardian Ad Litem, Death Penalty Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer, and Village Solicitor, have prepared me to lead the Morrow County Prosecutor’s Office into the future. I look forward to beginning my campaign and meeting with as many organizations and individuals as possible. I’m excited to discuss concerns, my plans, and how together we can continue to bring our county into the future, while continuing to provide a safe and healthy place to grow up, raise families, and retire.

Thank you for visiting our website, for your prayers and positive thoughts, and for your support to help me become our next county prosecutor.

Countdown until the 2020 Primary Election
on March 17, 2020: